Yellow Rooster Feathers Half Bronze Schlappen 6-7 Inch per Ounce

Lamplight Feather

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Yellow Half Bronze Schlappen Rooster Feathers 6-7 Inch per Ounce

This gorgeous rooster feather item is dyed half bronze schlappen. Schlappen is a type of rooster feather located at the base of the tail and half bronze is a type of natural brown feather with iridescent black throughout. It is a densely sewn (double stitched) together and easy to apply as is with numerous applications in fashion, costume design, crafts, dance outfits, masks, Carnival and Tahitian dance costumes. The feathers can be removed from the stitching for use individually or in clumps. Schlappen is soft and flexible but wider and denser than Saddle. The stem is thinner than coque. An ounce of this material is generally 15-16 inches (38-40 cm) measured along the sewn end. Price is per ounce with about 300 feathers (varies) to the ounce .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review