Peacock, Pheasant, and Guinea Feather Trim

Peacock, Pheasant, and Guinea Feather Trim from Lamplight Feather

This section features some of our fanciest looking trim featuring peacock, pheasant and guinea feathers. The trims are sewn into a narrow black bias tape for easy application. Feather trims make unique and attractive accents for fashion, millinery, costume and craft designs Peacock feather trim includes both trim using the peacock eye feathers and one using the side fibers or herl. Pheasant feathers make popular and attractive feather trim for fashion, costume and craft applications.  Ring-necked pheasant almonds include the patterned brown almonds and the green.  Lady Amherst Pheasant provide white tippet feathers and bronze plumage. Golden pheasants have naturally red and gold plumage.  Guinea feathers are a natural black and white spotted feather that take a dye very well.  Lamplight offers these in natural, dyed turquoise, and dyed berry