About Lamplight Feather



Lamplight Feather has been offering prime select decorative feathers since 1973 at art shows, craft fairs, exhibits and such unique venues as the Oregon Country Fair where we have exhibited for more than 40 consecutive years. Lamplight has been offering decorative feathers on the internet since November 2002. Our catalog has expanded to over 1500 feather and feather related items. Since 2002 we have shipped millions of decorative feathers to customers around the world.



Lamplight Fly and Feather was founded in 1973 by Tony Hill and was based in Alsea, Oregon until about 1995. Tony was a professional fly tyer for thirty years before retiring in 2002. This website was originated as www.tonyhill.net to market Tony's fishing flies and fly tying artwork in 2001. Decorative feathers were slowly added to the site until Tony retired from fly tying in 2002 and began to devote the site to an online decorative feather business.  Incorporated as LAMPLIGHT FEATHER, INC. in 2007, we are now located in far northern California in the beautiful Scott Valley, an agricultural region amidst the stunning scenery of Mount Shasta, the Marble Mountains, the Trinity Alps, and the Siskiyou Mountains.  We added a new sales office building in the Spring of 2004 and opened our new warehouse and packing facility in the Fall of 2004. In January of 2008 Lamplight Feather relocated its sales office, warehouse, and packing department to a larger facility in downtown Fort Jones located at 11903 Main Street.




We pride ourselves in being dependable, quick to ship and easy to work with.  Our customers should expect to receive shipments in a timely manner and the product should come out of the box ready to use. We sort out damaged feathers and seconds and ship out the best available washed, cleaned and steamed feathers and feather products. Please be sure to notify us as soon as possible if the items you receive do not meet your standards.  Our return policy is simple and fair and can be found on our FAQ page.


Call for a tour if you are in the area during the work week.