Rooster Feather Trim

Rooster Feather Trim: Coque, Saddle, Hackle


Saddle hackle feathers are from the back (saddle) of the domestic rooster. It is a thin stemmed, flexible feather that has many applications. It is sewn into a bias tape to create these feather trims. The white feather is most often used for dyeing to get a bright clear color but the natural is also over dyed to striking effect. Both furnace saddle and variegated can be effectively over dyed with certain colors like red, hot pink, purple and others.


Coque Rooster Tail (cock tail) Feather Trims

Coque feather trim is rooster tail feathers with several lengths for sale from Lamplight Feather. These are a popular, decorative feather with many uses.  Common usage includes costumes, masks, carnival, and fashion applications. Traditional Tahitian and Polynesian dance costumes use black, white, red, orange, gold, and yellow coque feathers up to 18” long.