Ostrich Feathers 8 - 12 inch per each

Ostrich Feathers 8 - 12 inch  length per each

Ostrich feathers for sale from Lamplight Feather include several sizes and types. Regular ostrich feathers are known as “drabs” and come in mini, short, medium, long, and extra long. These 8-12 inch ostrich feathers are individually hand selected, steamed, and dry fluffed by Lamplight Feather for many decorative applications. Common uses for decorative ostrich feathers are for costumes, hat feathers and millinery design, vase arrangements for home and event decor, wedding decoration, and themed party decoration. They come in a variety of dyed colors including black, white, red, royal blue, brown, burgundy, hot pink, candy pink, fuchsia, gold, green, ivory, lavender, light blue, orange, purple, turquoise and yellow

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