Pheasant Tail Feathers

Pheasant Tail Feathers

Pheasant Tail Feathers for sale Lamplight Feather

Pheasant tail feathers for sale from Lamplight Feather are popular decorative feathers with many uses in costume, fashion, craft and millinery design. Our staff hand selects, grades, and steams each feather that is packed and shipped to assure you the best quality. Pheasant tail feathers available these breeds of farm-raised birds: Ringed-neck, Golden, Silver, Reeves (venery), and Lady Amherst pheasants.  Popular pheasant tail feathers include a wide variety of long, medium and short styles and can range from popular hat feathers like red tips and orange tips to long reeves and Lady Amherst like those often seen in Aztec style dance costume headdresses.

Ringed-neck (ringneck) and Golden Pheasants produce tail feathers in the brown tones ranging from short 4-6 inch sizes up to 20-24 inch.

Reeves (or Venery) pheasant produce the longest and most spectacular of pheasant tail feathers with some up to 5 feet (1.8 m) long.  The Lady Amherst center tails are sometimes referred to as "zebra pheasant" because of the black and white striped pattern. Silver Pheasants produce tail feathers that are primarily white with elegant thin black barring.



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