Craft Feathers Natural and Dyed

Craft Feathers Natural and Dyed for Sale from Lamplight Feather

Craft feathers for sale from Lamplight Feather can include virtually any type, size or style of feather. Typically craft feathers are packaged plumage type feathers in both natural and dyed colors and sold by weight. Examples of packaged craft feathers include peacock plumage, guinea feathers in both natural and dyed colors, duck cochettes, goose biots, turkey t-base, goose shoulder, satinettes, coquilles, small wing quills and many others.

Some craft feathers are strung or sewn together with many feathers per inch or foot. Some of this type includes rooster saddle and schlappen which we stock in craft mixes. Several types of craft type feathers are popular in feather earring design.

Craft feathers are sold by the quarter ounce, half ounce, and ounce. Inquiries about larger quantities should be directed to the sales office at

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