Coque Rooster Tail Feathers

Coque Rooster Tail (cock tail) Feathers

Coque feathers are rooster tail feathers with several lengths colors and styles for sale from Lamplight Feather. These are a popular, decorative feather with many uses. They come in both natural and dyed colors and in lengths that range from 4 inches (10 cm) to about 18 inches (46 cm). Common usage includes costumes, masks, carnival, and fashion applications. Traditional Tahitian and Polynesian dance costumes use black, white, red, orange, gold, and yellow coque feathers up to 18” long.  Other coque colors includes tan, fuchsia, purple, royal blue, turquoise, green and lime. Natural white coque is getting quite rare and expensive in the longer sizes. Optically enhanced bright white is rarer still. Most of the coque over 12 inches available is now dyed over bleached but shorter coque is still available in the bright dyed over natural white. 



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