Candy Pink Ostrich Feather 17-21+ inches per Each

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Candy Pink Ostrich Feather 16-20 inch Long per Each

Premium long dyed Candy Pink Ostrich Feathers (drabs) individually hand selected, graded, steamed, and dry fluffed by Lamplight with many decorative uses. Common uses for decorative ostrich feathers are for costumes, hat feathers and millinery design, vase arrangements for home and event decor, wedding decoration, and themed party decoration. This grade of ostrich feather is 17 - 21+ inches and up. Price is per each. NOTES: Our OSP Grade of ostrich drab feathers are typically less full and less wide than 16-22 Inch Wing Plumes. They may look similar but drabs are actually structurally a bit different. The fibers are shorter and thinner and so are the quills. The tips of shorter drab's (under 17 inch) usually do not have the characteristic droop of a wing plume (although some can) Ostrich feather drabs sized 17 inches and above do usually have droopy tips, however, and are very commonly used for tower vase centerpieces at a more economical price than wing plumes. In the longer sized drabs the fibers grow proportionately longer and have a similar effect to wing plumes when used in a tower vase or millinery setting. Hope this is helpful in making your ostrich feather choices. Lamplight Feather Staff

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