Flamingo Decorative Artificial Bird HEAD DOWN 15 inches tall per 1 flamingo

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Decorative Bird, Flamingo HEAD DOWN, 15 inches tall, per 1 flamingo

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This is for 1 Flamingo with it's head down as if it's eating.  It is 15 inches tall at the shoulder. The body and head are densely covered with feathers dyed in a flamingo pink.  Flexible wire is also attached to the feet for fixing the Birds in a display stance.  Many creative decorative uses including visual merchandising, store window, tropical theme decoration, cabana and tiki hut decor, party props, and other design projects. This is not an item that can be left outdoors in the rain. it should be displayed and stored in a dry location only.  Ships in box. UPS GROUND WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL USA ONLY!

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Flamingo Decorative Artificial Bird, HEAD DOWN, EXTRA LARGE, 27 inches tall, per 1 flamingo: