Hot Pink dyed over Furnace Rooster Saddle Feathers 5-7 Inch Long Per Half Ounce (14 grams)

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Free Shipping for USA orders over $25. Furnace Saddle dyed Fuchsia Long 5-7 inch per Ounce This long saddle hackle is a furnace that is dyed hot pink or fuchsia. The term "furnace" refers to a feather with a dark center stripe and lighter edges When this item is dyed certain rich colors, the base and the outer edges to the individual feather take on the dye. This results in a wonderful two tone effect as seen in these feathers. The feathers are densely packed and double stitched. Suggested uses are for fashion, costume and mask trim, fly tying, hair feathers, craft applications, and many others. This is a truly gorgeous batch of feathers. It is listed as 5-7 inch (some is longer) and sold pe rhalf ounce. One ounce is about 7-8 inches linear measure with about 150 + feathers perhalf ounce.

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