Feather Trim per Yard

Feather Trim and Fringe per Yard from Lamplight Feather

Lamplight Feather is a full range online supplier of a wide variety of popular feather trim and ostrich feather fringe sold by the yard Feather trim and feather fringe has many clothing, fashion, millinery, and costume uses. Individual feathers are sewn onto a material strip or fine cord for attachment to a garment or other object.   Peacock feather trim is available in natural eyed style or herl. We stock pheasant, guinea, chandelle, and rooster hackle and saddle trim in both natural and dyed. Pheasants provide some of the most interestingly marked and mottled natural patterned feathers for feather trim for fashion, costume, millinery and craft applications. Many of our feather boas, including ostrich, marabou and chandelle,  make wonderful trims for costumes and are quite popular around Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Carnival times.  White and pastel trims are popular for wedding decoration and white, red, and green trim boas make lovely Christmas decorations.