Ostrich Wing Plumes

Large Ostrich Feather Plumes from Lamplight Feather

Large Ostrich Feather Wing Plumes from Lamplight Feather come only from the farm raised South African Black ostrich. The naturally white plumes are from the mature male ostrich and take a dye very well.   These are washed and dried by the ostrich farmer.  They are clipped from the bird with no harm. The large wing plumes can range between 20-30 inches long with herl (fibers) width that can exceed 12 inches across. The wing plumes have a thicker stems than drabs. "Feminas" are a type of wing plume similar but from the female.

Lamplight Feather features both long and short versions of ostrich plume. Colors generally in our stock include: natural, white, turquoise, burgundy, candy pink, fuchsia, gold, gray, green, hot pink, ivory, lavender, light blue, lime, purple, red, teal, brown, royal blue, yellow and orange.