Dyed Peacock Feathers: over bleached and natural

DYED PEACOCK FEATHERS:  dyed over natural and dyed over bleached

Peacock feathers dyed over the natural feather creates a pretty effect an item called stem dyed peacock feathers. The white stem of the feather picks up the brightest of the dye color with the eye and stem fibers (herl) tinted into attractive variations of color.

Bleached peacock eyed feathers and peacock swords are a lovely light to dark ivory colors. The natural bleached feathers are popular as an ivory or light tan. With dyed peacock feather over bleached the dyes pick up the color in both the eye and the stem.  Both peacock eye tail feathers and the peacock sword tail feathers come in the bleached and dyed style. They are generally available in fifteen colors:  red, black, gold, purple, lime, green, blue, pink, yellow, burgundy, brown, dusty rose, fuchsia, turquoise, and orange.