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Separate Wholesale Website Discontinued

Our former separate wholesale site (Lamplight Feather.net) is no longer operational for a variety of reasons. We are closing it permanently.

If you are a registered wholesale customer with Lamplight Feather and a former user of that site, we can continue to supply you with the items that you want to purchase. Please register as a customer to access hidden pages.

At present we are working on creating a "bulk order option" page for items that are still available for wholesale purchase. Follow the link https://tonyhill.net/bulk-wholesale/ to see if your item is completed yet.

Otherwise please go to the Lamplight Feather Home Page  and use the SEARCH option to find your item. Check to see if a "Bulk Option" has been established there. Please bear with us while we update relevant items.

Otherwise a call to our sales office (M-F 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM EasternTime) will be able to set you up with your order. We can look up a past order for reference and write up a new.

If you are unable to call during those hours, please email your inquiry and we will respond within a business day or less.

Thank you for your past business, future business,  and your patience during this transition

Best wishes

Tony Hill


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