Gold Marabou Peacock Feather Fan per each

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Gold Marabou Peacock Feather Fan per each

This gold deluxe version of the Marabou Peacock folding Feather Fan is expertly constructed from soft, downy Marabou feathers on 23 folding plastic staves. There are Peacock eye feathers on both sides of the fan not just one. These Peacock Feather Fans measure about 29 inches wide when fully opened, and about 15 inches tall from handle to tip. There is about 4 inches of handle and about 8 inches of Marabou feathers, and about 4 inches of Peacock feathers. This deluxe version is typically larger and fuller than regular Peacock Feather Fan, Marabous, and opens to about a full half circle. Regular Peacock Marabou fans tend to have more handle and less feathers, as well as not opening to a full half circle, and have Peacock eye feathers on only one side of the fan. This deluxe style also comes with a metal pin in the handle for added durability. Price is per each.

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