Pheasant Tail Feathers

Pheasant Tail Feathers from Lamplight Feather

Pheasant tail feathers features feathers in the 5-15 inch range. These would include Ring-necked, Reeves, Lady Amherst, Silver and Golden as well as our decorator mixes which combines feathers from the different breeds. Also in this section are hat feather favorites: the Lady Amherst orange tips and golden pheasant red tips.

Pheasant tails are popular decorative feathers with many uses in costume, fashion, craft and millinery design. Most of the pheasant feathers available to buy online are from ringed-neck, golden, silver, reeves (venery), and Lady Amherst pheasants.  Useful tail feathers can range from popular hat feathers like red tips and orange tips to long reeves and lady Amherst. Lamplight Feather pheasant tail feathers are hand selected, graded and steamed ready to use right out of the box.