Extra Long Pheasant Feathers

Extra Long Pheasant Feathers 20 inches and longer

This section includes our extra long pheasant tail feathers, all 20 inches and over. Ring-necked pheasants are the shortest of these rarely exceeding 25 inches. Some rare and expensive pheasant tails like those of the reeves pheasant can range up to 4 or 5 feet long however. More available are reeves, Lady Amherst and silver pheasant in the 25-35 inch range. The zebra striped Lady Amherst center tails are often dyed.

Longer pheasant tails are customarily used in decorative arrangements, large and showy headdresses in Carnival, stage dance, Polynesian dance, and Native American (Aztec) presentations.  Often seen in Chinese opera costumes as well. The longest of these feathers are often not perfect and may contain some flaws due to the birds natural behavior.

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