Ostrich Feathers: small, medium and large

Ostrich Feathers: small, medium and large from Lamplight Feather

Ostrich Feathers and Plumes for sale from Lamplight Feather include several sizes and types. Regular ostrich feathers are known as “drabs” and come in mini, short, medium, long, and extra long. Follow this link to view our Large Ostrich Feather Plumes that come from the male wings. The naturally white plumes are from the mature male ostrich and take a dye very well. Ostrich “Nandu” or nondu refers to the band trimmed ostrich feather for decorative applications.

Colors availability of ostrich feathers can vary but these are generally in stock: aqua, black, blue, white, brown, burgundy, fuchsia, gold, gray, green, hot pink, lavender, pastel, light pink, lime, natural, orange, peach, purple, red, ivory, turquoise, yellow, candy pink.

(See bottom of page for more info about ostriches, ostrich faming and the types of ostrich feathers. )

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