Bulk Ostrich Feather Seconds

Ostrich feathers are graded according to their flaws aswell as length and overall quality. Minor imperfections like stress marks, broken fibers, missing tips, small missing sections, imperfect dye lot, thin fibers, and several others will lead to a feather being graded as a second. We sell our seconds of ostrich feathers in this section at a discount of 2/3 (67%) from the #1 price.

Seconds are a popular bargain choice for use as fillers in costumes, headdresses, floats,  and other mass displays where the flaws do not matter or can be easily concealed. Some costumers will lay one feather upon another attaching the stems with fine wire or glue to create a full feather that disguises each other's flaw.

We cannot guarantee that all colors/sizes will be in stock at all times. Quantities ebb and flow.