Pheasant Tail Feathers Reeves( or Venery) Pheasant 35-40 inch long per Each

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Pheasant Tail feathers, Reeves (or Venery), 35-40 inch long, per each

Reeves (or Venery) Pheasant have the longest available tails from any Pheasant, as well as having a very wide feather. The bird is known both as the "Reeves (or Venery) Pheasant" or "Venery Pheasant". This particular size ranges between 35-40 inches. Similar to the Lady Amherst sides but with richer Brown coloration throughout. Customarily used for large and showy headdresses in both stage dance, Polynesian dance, or Native American (Aztec) presentations. Often seen in Chinese opera costumes as well. Price is per each. These feathers are not perfect, they contain flaws. During natural bird behavior, these Pheasant Tail feathers are drug on the ground. Therefore, they are poorer quality than the shorter feathers and sell at a Reduced price.

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