Peacock Feather Decoration Mix Deluxe per hundred

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Peacock Feather Decoration Mix Deluxe per hundred

This beautiful Peacock Feather Decoration Mix is composed of both long peacock eye feathers and sword feathers. The length of this mix varies from 35 to 45". There are (45) 35-40" feathers, (45) 40-45" feathers, and 10 long Peacock feather swords, in this peacock feather decorator mix. Washed, steamed, sanitized feathers hand selected by Lamplight's experienced staff guarantees all premium feathers ready to use right out of the box. Simply remove from our custom 45 inch shipping tube and arrange in vase or similar container. feathers may compact somewhat during shipping but will open up after a couple of days or can be restored immediately by steaming over a tea kettle. Price is per mix of 100 Peacock feathers.


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