Ostrich Feather Seconds

Ostrich Feather Seconds


At Lamplight Feather we grade our feathers to a long existing standard of excellence. A big part of our job here is grading and culling feathers. We remove and stockpile those we regard as seconds.

These feathers can still be of use in many types of projects and the inexpensive price may make it worth your while to consider them. They can be used in craft projects or fly tying that involve removing the herl fibers. Or as fill in mass displays like headdresses or arrangements where the flaws can be hidden within a group of #1 grade feathers

Feathers are natural materials and as such can suffer damage simply in the day to day life of the birds themselves. Mating displays, for example, may involve beating the feathers on the ground. Territorial disputes can involve snapping or biting. Other feathers suffer damage in packing at the source or in transit. Some can be damaged during the bleaching or dyeing process. Others can take a dye poorly or incompletely or a dye lot can produce an incorrect off shade color

Examples of our seconds include:

-broken or missing tips

-missing herl fibers from the stem or a section fiber tips are clipped short

-too many distinct stress marks

-off shades of  color or incomplete dyeing