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Your Trusted USA Supplier of Premium Decorative Feathers 

A family owned business since 1973. An online feather store since 2001 as www.tonyhill.net


LONG NANDU, 16 inches and longer

The term "nandu" as it is commonly applied to decorative feathers refers to an ostrich feather that has been trimmed into a long, thin triangle shape. It is likely that the term was developed from the feathers of the South American rhea, a ratite bird like the ostrich and emu. This bird is also known as a nandu locally. The feathers of the rhea are a different shape and texture from the ostrich but rheas are not as widely farmed making the actual feathers mostly unavailable commercially.  Thus the development of the hand trimmed nandu ostrich feather.

Nandu feathers are very popular in a number of costume applications because they are light and feathery but stand upright and will not sag like many pheasant and coque feathers of similar length. Nandu can be trimmed from either drabs, spads, or wing plumes and come in similar lengths. Here at Lamplight Feather our skilled workers trim all of our own nandu to maintain quality control.

This section features our longest trimmed nandu, 16 inches and longer.


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