Light Brown Stripped Coque Pack of 25

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Stripped Coque Millinery feathers, Light Brown, PACK OF 25 PREMIUM USEABLE feathers.  SKU: lbr25

Dyed over bleached Light Brown stripped rooster coque (rooster tail feathers) sometimes called eyelash trim. We dye our Browns over bleached. Stripped coque is a popular and versatile decorative item with a wide variety of millinery, fascinators, costume, crafts and other applications. It is rooster coque feathers with the lower part stripped down to the stem. The effect is trim is truly unique. Each feather ranges from 6-8 inches long. Price is per pack of 25 with half to 2/3 stripped stem.

If you are interested in a LARGER QUANTITIES of this versatile craft and millinery design feather at a discounted price please email customer service (preferred) or call us during office hours at (800) 806-5149 or (530) 468-4099 to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

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