Goose Feather Coquilles Strung per Ounce



The prettily shaped "coquille" goose feather derives its name from the French word for shell or scallop shell. Coquille feathers are about 3 inches in length with a naturally pleasing curved or cupped shape. Very nice. The feathers are densely strung (double sewn) in lengths of a yard (.92 m) with about 500 to 600 feathers per meter unit. The string can be used as is or feathers can be plucked for individual use such as cards or wedding invitations.


Suggested uses include millinery applications, fascinators, jewelry design, wedding decoration, bouquet accents, craft projects, mask making, costume and other applications where a small and individually inexpensive feather is desired.


The price is per ounce. Colors include white, black, brown, fuchsia, violet, gold, hunter green, maroon, pink, chartreuse